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About Free To Choose Media

Free To Choose Media is a not-for-profit production company that focuses on issues of personal, economic, and political freedom.  The organization is built on the landmark TV series Free To Choose, hosted by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, which premiered nationally on PBS in 1980.  More recent productions include The Power of the Poor with Hernando de Soto, The Ultimate Resource, and the acclaimed Friedman biography The Power of Choice.  All three programs were distributed nationwide on PBS and public television stations.  For more information, visit

The Series Funders

Major funding was provided by The Annenberg Foundation, The Stephen Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, The Charles and Ann Johnson Foundation, Peter G. Peterson, Ambassador Thomas and Barbara Stephenson, Charles Schwab, Doris and Donald Fisher, John A. Gunn and Cynthia Fry Gunn.  Additional funding was provided by the Koret Foundation, Ambassador Howard and Gretchen Leach, Richard C. Blum, Franklin P. Johnson, Jr., the Honorable Dianne Feinstein and John C. Whitehead.

Press Contact:           

Marjory Hawkins
Hawkins Public Relations


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