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1920       George Pratt Shultz born in New York City; grows up in Princeton, New Jersey

1942       Graduates Princeton; enlists in U.S Marine Corps to serve in Pacific Theater, WWII

1962       Appointed Dean, University of Chicago School of Business

1968       Appointed Secretary of Labor by President Richard Nixon

1970       Appointed Director of the Office of Management and Budget by President Richard Nixon

1972       Appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President Richard Nixon

1973       Becomes President of Bechtel Group, Inc.

1982       Appointed Secretary of State by President Ronald Reagan
                September: Israel controls Beirut, Lebanon. Massacre of PLO refugees, Marines return to Beirut
                November: Newsweek announces US overseeing training of Contras
                December: Boland amendment prohibits use of Defense or CIA funds to overthrow government of Nicaragua

1983       February: Secretary Shultz arranges meeting between Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin and President Reagan
                March: President Reagan reveals “Star Wars”
                August: Philippine dissident, Ninoy Aquino assassinated
                September: White House authorizes secret aid to Contras
                October: 241 Marines killed by suicide bomber in Beirut, Lebanon
                November: President Reagan announces willingness to reduce nuclear weapons

1984       January: Secretary Shultz testifies before Foreign Relations Committee against withdrawal from the Middle East
                October: 2nd Boland Amendment prohibits third parties from sending funds to Contras
                November: President Reagan reelected

1985       March: Konstantin Chernyenko dies; Mikhail Gorbachev becomes new General Secretary of the Communist Party of Soviet Union
                November:  Geneva Summit between President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev

1986       February: Philippine election; Marcos flees to Hawaii
                September: Arms delivered to Iran
                October: Reykjavik summit begins
                November:  Revelation of Iran/Contra activity, discovered by Attorney General Edwin Meese, Secretary Shultz appears on
                Face the Nation, Reagan orders investigation

1987       March: President Reagan makes nationally televised speech on Iran/Contra
                April: Secretary Shultz attends Jewish Seder at US embassy in Moscow
                June: President Reagan delivers “Tear Down this Wall” speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate
                October: Jews and other minorities win appeal, and are allowed to leave the Soviet Union for Israel
                December: General Secretary Gorbachev in Washington to sign INF treaty eliminating 49% of U.S. and Soviet nuclear arsenals

1988       February: General Secretary Gorbachev announces Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan
                May: Moscow summit
                November: George W. Bush elected president

1989 - Present
                George Shultz awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom, retires as Secretary of State, becomes Distinguished Fellow of the
                Hoover Institution at Stanford University

                George Shultz continues to travel, write and speak in support of nuclear non-proliferation and free market economics


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