Shultz in Lebanon
“My objective was clear and public-- achieve an agreement between the Lebanese and the Israelis.” [MORE]
Grenada: Shultz's "Urgent Fury"
“We knew that if this military operation was to be successful... it would have to be carried out quickly and secretly.” [MORE]
China: Dealing Across Ideologies
“They would have to face the reality that a society cannot be Communist and capitalist at the same time—and this they were not ready to do.”[MORE]
The Philippines: Marcos v. Aquino
“I knew that my relations with the president and the White House had been badly strained by the turn of events in the Philippines and my role in them.” [MORE]
Shultz on Iran-Contra
“ present position—being cut out of what the president was treating as a major American foreign policy effort—was not sustainable. I would have to get the president to see that grave mistakes were being made, get control over the mess, or go.” [MORE]
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